concrete house in belgium

Well, look at this miraculous house! This gorgeous concrete and timber house is located in rural Belgium.

This concrete house is designed by Clauwers&Simon. The house was inspired by the works of Belgian architect Juliaan Lampens, who made extensive use of concrete, inside and outside. Clauwers&Simon combines concrete exterior walls with vertical slats of timber. And that makes a gorgeous combination.

Clauwers & Simon:

''Vertical wooden cladding alternates with the concrete walls contributing to a warmer character and scaling of the volume''

Residents enter the house by a hinged timber door where they come into a central courtyard that is surrounded with glass windows from the floor to the ceiling. Rooms on both the ground and first floor are dispersed around the edges of the courtyard, which introduces natural light into the minimally finished interiors.

We fell in love with this beautiful light concrete house and look at the beautiful outdoor space!