spring cleaning

With the beautiful collections from Andrée Jardin and Dille&Kamille cleaning is suddenly not that terrible, right?

Andrée Jardin perpetuates French tradition of brush making with its Vintage and Tradition collections. They develop modernity with young designers. Also the Dutch store Dille & Kamille has some beautiful cleaning products. On the Dille & Kamille website, they give you ideas how to clean your home. One of them is: bring in a naturally fresh scent in your house, for example with dried lavender. You give linen a wonderful smell by putting pieces of soap between the fabrics in the closet. The black trolley ''RÅSKOG'' from IKEA, will help you store all these wonderful cleaning products.

Let's get your home ready for Spring with these beautiful cleaning items,  your home will shine again, and you also have some beautiful pieces which will make it a lot more fun!