fold by aimee jiline

Aimee Jiline created this beautiful piece of porcelain called 'fold', in collaboration with Maud Timmermans, for the Cor Unum design competition. Cor Unum holds an annual design competition for students of art and design. This competition has a different theme every year, this year, the participants are asked to design ceramic products under Cocktails and Appetizers with the Vision of Utopia theme. Aimee and Maud won the 3rd prize for the Cor Unum design competition 2017.

Fold is about a utopia in which the relationship with food becomes even more intimate. The porcelain service is designed for the hand, where the designers have assumed a primary form, inspired by the art movement De Stijl. Because the square plates are shaped to the hand, the service feels like a second skin. By this way to eat with your hands, there is a new dining experience.

We are very proud Aimee, you did a wonderful job, again! xoxo