löyly restaurant by joanna laajisto

Look at this beautiful place in Helsinki, Finland. The interior of the restaurant 'Löyly' is designed by Joanna Laajisto.  Löyly restaurant is part of contemporary sauna complex designed in 2016 by Avanto Architects in a former industrial district of the city, less than 2km from the centre.

The aim of the design was to create an atmospheric which compliments the strong architecture of the building. You see a lot of soft minimalism in this interior design. The main materials used in the interiors are black concrete, light Scandinavian birch wood, blackened steel and wool. It's manufacturing process produces a beautiful cool light color tone and heavy durability. Joanna's work is characterised by a focus on functionality and aesthetics, elegantly combining a neutral palette of tactile, natural materials - lots of wood, leather and stone - with minimal, Scandinavian furniture.