johan van hengel presents nook

nook-johan-van-hengel-1 nook-johan-van-hengel-2 nook-johan-van-hengel-3 nook-johan-van-hengel-4 nook-johan-van-hengel-5 nook-johan-van-hengel-6 A few weeks ago, we first introduced the Dutch designer Johan van Hengel. Johan is a Rotterdam based designer who has different products on his name. Think about lighting, tables, chairs, and so on.

A short time ago, he present his new work in collaboration with De Vorm. Nook is a cosy lounge chair which provides you with some privacy in social settings. The chair contains three different parts, what gives the chair strength and comfort at the same time.

Because of its form, it really invites you to have a seat and never leave the chair anymore. Beside the great design, we also really love the simple and minimal styling of the images. Great work!