Penny Drop café Melbourne

Penny-Drop-Cafe-Melbourne-We-Are-Huntly-1 Penny-Drop-Cafe-Melbourne-We-Are-Huntly-2 Penny-Drop-Cafe-Melbourne-We-Are-Huntly-3 Penny-Drop-Cafe-Melbourne-We-Are-Huntly-4 Penny-Drop-Cafe-Melbourne-We-Are-Huntly-5 Traveling to Melbourne any day soon? Visit the Penny Drop cafe, designed by We Are Huntly, in collaboration with a branding agency Pop & Pac.

A playful and at the same time sophisticated interior.  What do you think of the art deco light pieces, copper accents and soft color tones? Different corners, with different moods, fitting perfectly together.

Design by We Are Huntly // Photography by Brooke Holm via Yellowtrace