new brand: journuit


The new brand Journuit is  born from a feeling that something was missing. When we look around us, we see a lot of people who are trying to create a home that is a reflection of who they are; a place filled with objects and furniture that allows them to live life how they want. It's not easy to find that one sofa that is comfortable, beautiful and affordable, while still unique to your tastes. But the creators of Journuit believed it was possible to design them.

Nele Pieters and Stephanie Duval are the ladies behind Journuit. When Nele and Stephanie met, they decided to try and make a difference by doing rather than telling.

'We create furniture that marries characteristics all too often considered to be opposites or contrasts. We aim for the sweet spot between high quality and affordability; between beautiful design and ultimate comfort. We are not furniture makers, but we work with the best of the best in Belgium to refine and produce our designs. Our experience as outsiders to the industry has taught us that challenging the status quo can deliver amazing results.

Like so many others, we strive to find balance in our lives on a daily basis. We are parents, and we love to work. We want to live healthy lives, and we love to indulge and enjoy ourselves. We are inspired by beautiful things, but above all, we draw inspiration from #reallife. Finding balance is about honesty and transparancy, it's admitting that reaching perfection is less fulfilling than leading a happy life.'

The sofa's are currently available trough their online store and you can find them at Cantine en Roomin in Belgium. And what do you think of the images? We got the change to work together with photographer Gilles Draps on this project and did the styling for Nele and Stephanie.

photography by Gilles Draps - styling by April and May