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As a mother of two boys I know that when your kids are little you cannot be prepared enough when you are on the road whether for a short visit or a longer trip. I never found the perfect (diaper)bag that had enough space and had the look I wanted (meaning a basic bag that could be combined easily and maybe used for other occasions too).

When we received a mail from the designers of OneDuo about their bags I was excited to see that they understood what a good diaper bag needed. About 3 years ago Elik and Yifat from OneDuo had their first son and like every parent needed a diaper bag. As they couldn’t find one that answered their needs, they decided to design one themselves. and created a minimalist, urban backpack. It was important for them to create a functional, high quality bag that also looks really good (at least to their taste :)

The bag is designed with many pockets, to keep organized. Side pockets for bottles, back pocket for diapers, front pocket for wipes and a large front pocket for the parent’s personal belongings. It has a versatile strap which can easily turn the backpack into a Hobo bag or a crossbody bag.

The diaper backpack comes in four classic colors and is made from 100% cotton canvas with a water resistant liquid repellent PU coating. Each bag comes with a changing mat and two clips connecting to any baby stroller. The bag is functional for daily use and has room for everything that is important to have when leaving the house with a baby.

As we all know the most great designs are the result of this search for a product that cannot be find. For now I don't need to take as much stuff with me when traveling with my boys but if you are ever looking for a diaper bag that looks great too you need to look no further. And the great thing about this bag is that it also can be used for different purposes when the kids are older.

- Jantine -

Images by OneDuo and April and May