the boat house

boathouse_aprilandmay_01 boathouse_aprilandmay_02



Looking at this house immediately brings a sense of serenity and pureness where landscape and architecture becomes one.

The boat house, designed by We Architecture from Denmark, is located on the beach 20 metres from the water edge in the beautiful surroundings at Svallerup Strand. The boat house is aimed at being very simple and practical at the same time. The boat house is build with no windows in order to keep the clean lines of the building intact.

The multi functionality of the boat house is highly important. The owners of this house wanted to use it as both a place to store boats, fishing gear, bikes, kayaks and tools - but also as a place where you can sit and enjoy the sunset and have guests staying there for the night. Thus, shelving and storage is built into the east facing wall.

Inside, the boat house is one open room with beams. Concrete is used for the floor with the possibility to cover it in sand, which makes it impossible to see where the building ends and the beach begins. The floor continues outside, which creates a terrace area to the west and south.