vivian's home renovation

INTERSTEEL-aprilandmay-102 INTERSTEEL-aprilandmay-101INTERSTEEL-aprilandmay-200INTERSTEEL-aprilandmay-103 Working on your own home renovation project means thinking about everything. And when I say everything...

You thought choosing a new color for your wall or a new carpet is difficult? Then you have never thought about door handles. There are so many! We have an old home, do we choose contrast and go for clean and minimalistic handles? Or something classic?

We got introduced by Intersteel, a manufacturer of door handles, window handles and accessories. The product lines are designed by architects and an Intersteel design team. Together they created a large and beautiful collection.

We chose the Living Black collection. Matt black door handles with a classic feel, and very solid! We are very pleased with this decision. They fit perfectly into our home.

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