jantine's home renovation

Our home renovation is in full swing...we only have 5 weeks to go till we have to leave our current home. Being honest, a lot has to be done and the state of our new home is not liveable. Am I getting nervous yet? A little bit but also know that we have to see how everything works out and we still have 5 weeks left where a lot can be done.

For me now is the time to make lots of choices concerning the details in our home and the furniture and materials for the different rooms.

The last weeks the bathrooms were a priority because everything had to be ordered. We will have two bathrooms in our new home, one in our bedroom with a bathtub and a smaller one in between our boys rooms so they will have their own bathroom space. I had already started to look for ideas and collected them on pinterest. You can find some of these selections on my pinterest board.

Overall I wanted to spaces to be clean with white washbasins and cabinets, black details and a freestanding bathtub with a matte finish. For the taps I have been switching between colors and finishes for a long time...white, black or brushed stainless steel?

In my search for the perfect pieces I came across the company Baths by Clay. Baths by Clay is a bathroom furniture design/production company based in the Netherlands. The products are 100% (hand)made to measure and manufactured in the Netherlands. Their approach is that everything can be made to measure with a timeless aesthetics.

When contacting them and explaining our wishes for our bathrooms they really helped us to realize all the details and our wishes. Everything from bathtub, washbasin, cabinets and taps and the materials for these items could be realized to create our dream bathroom. Above are some pieces of their collection that can be customized to every situation and demands.

Next time I will show you more about our bathroom space and the final decisions we have made. I can't wait to see the final result in about a few weeks:)

xo Jantine