ikea viktig furniture

IKEA-VIKTIGT-furniture-aprilandmay-2 IKEA-VIKTIGT-furniture-aprilandmay-3 IKEA-VIKTIGT-furniture-aprilandmay-4 IKEA-VIKTIGT-furniture-aprilandmay-5 IKEA-VIKTIGT-furniture-aprilandmay Ikea comes with a new collection called Viktig, designed by Swedish designer Ingererd Raman (born in 1943 in Stockholm). And we are very excited! What do you think of the images, shot at her studio?

The starting point of Ingererd Raman in this collection is going back to the center, to the essence. Thats why the handmade products are pure, simple and functional. Besides working with materials like glass and ceramic, which she is used to work with, she also worked with naturel materials like bamboo and seagrass.

In our previous blogpost about this collection we showed you the beautiful ceramics - now the furniture, all made of naturel materials.

By designing the collection, the Ingererd was closely involved with the production process in Poland and Vietnam. All products are handmade by local craftsmen from these countries. The whole project is about craft, about the craftsmen and the designer.

The VIKTIGT collection is available from April 2016 at IKEA.