goodmorning by food bandits

Wentelteefjes uit de oven April and May
Wentelteefjes uit de oven April and May

Love to show you this great image taken for the Food Bandits Goodmorning cookbook. Why? It's our contribution to the book.

Food Bandits is a all about good, healthy food. And they have a thing for making a delicious breakfast. One thing leads to another, they created a cookbook, full of great breakfast recipes. Or you can use them for lunch. Or desert. Whenever you like.

When they shared their idea of working together with a few bloggers, to share their favorite breakfast, we were happy to share our best weekend breakfast recipe.

We decided to go for an easy French toast recipe, which you can make the day before. Which is perfect for a busy morning, but you do want to make something great for your family, friends or yourself :)

More information on the cookbook is available here - a must have!