emerson fry fall collection

emerson_fry_01 EMERSON-FRY-FW15-R1-WK1-STORY-PREVIEW-06_0 emerson_fry_03 emerson_fry_04 A few weeks ago, we already introduced you to the beautiful brand Emerson Fry. A brand that strives to find balance in their designs, a balance between serious and playful, volume and tailored, raw and refined.

We love the pure materials they use, wool, linen and cotton.

Here a little something about the collection and brand. You can read the whole interview here.

What’s driving you these days? 

E: There are many things but two in particular...

Thinking about the modern woman, which is in my perspective a true story of women that hasn’t been told. This person is really powerful and beyond limits. People ask me who is our customer or ‘type’ of woman. That is a question I don’t answer because I don’t like that concept. I don’t believe a person is a ‘type’. I believe in nuance and in the details – two elements that make a person entirely unique. I also believe in evolution and having some freedom. So you could say one of the defining factors of this woman is that she’s indefinable. She’s not a particular age group and she’s not going to play antiquated roles. She is going to have a full experience, define herself as she goes, and continue to evolve. Now If I were to say what our customers have in common is that they are a really inspiring people to work for.

Second thing is we think a lot about balance in life reflected in wardrobe. She needs to work she needs to play. She needs to focus and she needs to not give an F every once in a while. She needs to say what she needs to say and she needs to have some peace. Clothing is one of our great forms of self-expression and art. Look at the history of clothing and you see the evolution of thought, social structure and human progress. And in terms of enjoyment, look at the way you can change how your entire body reads by the change of proportions. You can make yourself really big, imposing. You can be light as air. You can make everything sleek and simple. You can make yourself the canvas of everything you think about and love in life. It's as light or as heavy as you want it to be. It has deep significance or it can be just for fun. The Clothing we collect represents a freedom, and the continuous opportunity to experience life, and ourselves, in a new way.   

Curious to the whole collection, check it out here.