superfront bathroom furniture

SUPERFRONT_Bathroom_02_aprilandmay SUPERFRONT_Bathroom_03_aprilandmay


The Swedish company Superfront is known for their creativity to transform Ikea's most common cabinets with there fronts, handles, legs, sides and tops. Carefully selected colors and patterns create a complete different look with a more exclusive touch,  and they keep continue to inspire with more new designs.

This October Superfront will launch new products specially designed for the bathroom. The new units from Superfront have sides, tops and fronts that can be mounted on Ikea's kitchen unit, Metod. And in order to offer a complete solution they also designed their own brass and copper basins.

"We're spurred on by the challenge of producing beautiful, prime quality items, but at reasonable prices. This is the whole essence of our design philosophy – and if there's one place that needs that kind of design it's the bathroom."

The Superfront designs are definitely something to keep in mind when moving into a new home or renovating your kitchen or bathroom.