quoting VITRA

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Vitra regards the furnishing of one's home as a process of collage - a gradual assemblage of products and objects. This is not the same as a coincidental accumulation of things, rather it is a conscious arrangement that grows and changes with regard to both content and style, according to the owner's individual preferences and circumstances.

A few favourite items tend to remain as central pieces throughout a person's lifetime while other objects may come to serve different purposes than originally intended. Things that become dated disappear and new things are added - perhaps from a flea market, furniture store or travels. The collage then becomes a structured arrangement and great designs form the central core. The individual is always the focus. Every individual has his or her own personal taste and style, an interior reflects this and it contributes to the inhabitant's sense of well-being and perhaps identity. The way in which we live, organise and outfit our own personal environment is an important and integral part of this identity.

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