Pendant Light A110 “Hand Grenade”

Pendant Light A110 “Hand Grenade”


Designer: Alvar Aalto

Year: 1952

This elegant pendant light is nicknamed “Hand Grenade” for its distinctive shape. Composed of a lacquered steel shade and an inner ring, Pendant Light A110 provides an exceptional warm-toned quality of light. “Hand Grenade” projects both direct and indirect light onto ceilings, and its perforated inner ring creates a corona effect around the pendant light while simultaneously reducing glare. “Hand Grenade” was designed for the building Alvar Aalto created for the Finnish Engineers’ Association.

Shade and ring: Steel

Size; 16x44

Light fixture plug, black or white plastic cable, length 2.5m
220-240V 50HZ
max. 60W E27
appliance class II
This light is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes:
A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E

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