Nanami cushion

Nanami cushion


Beautiful and original nursing pillow of the beautiful new baby brand of Dutch soil: Nanami.

A multi-purpose pillow suitable during pregnancy and with your baby, that can support over the years. During your pregnancy can Nanook support you when you sleep.

When your baby is there, it can serve as a nursing pillow. Nanook also provides support when your child learns. Put your baby between the legs of Nanook and you no longer have to worry that your little one will hurt themselves when your child falls backwards or sideways. Put your baby on the belly on Nanook, encourage you to play on the back and neck muscles that way also strengthened.

When your child is large enough to sleep in a bed, can be used as a sleeping pillow Nanook. While traveling, such as inside a car, Nanook as a neck support.

Also as chill-out pillow you still have years of enjoyment of this eye-catcher!

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