Our Team

Meet our team of passionate women, all with their own story to tell.



Jantine, mom of two beautiful boys aged 8 and 5 and with a passion for simplicity in both her home as her personal style. She has a personal interest in interior, fashion, beauty and nature and loves to work with talented creatives and inspirational brands on conceptual ideas, coordinating projects and editorial features and photography. Always looking to get the best out of an idea and project and finding that perfect piece for a project or story.  

" I love minimalistic spaces with muted tones, a space where attention is payed to details and the perfect combination of colors, materials and personal objects."


Vivian, mom of a beautiful girl aged 8 months and with a passion for interior, nature, gardening and good food. With her background in interior and design she knows everything about products and brands and loves working with private clients to design their homes and planning new projects. She keeps calm under every circumstance and styling is something she grew up with. 

" Inspiration is everywhere. I love to go outdoor, see all the different colors nature gives to us. Finding treasures at flea markets, while traveling or even at your family attic, this is what makes your home personal. "



Elvera, mom of two beautiful boys, aged 13 and 21, and with a real passion for interior, trends, nature and travel. Styling her home, creating beautiful stills and working with inspirational brands to create the most beautiful images are some of her qualities.  

The interaction of sharing ideas with talented creatives and brands is what inspires her most. Discovering new trends and ideas in the field of interior decoration and styling and sharing them is something that she cherishes. 

" I love warm minimalism and combining design furniture and accessories with DIY projects and recreating vintage finds. The serene atmoshpere of nature is also a great source of inspiration."





Marissa, mom of a 5 year old boy and a 1,5 year old girl. Her heart beats faster when she talks about fashion and interior styling, but she truly let her heart speak when she chose motherhood over her busy job as a brand manager for a Danish fashion label. 

Now she’s aiming for more slow living – sometimes easy, sometimes a challenge with those little ones running around. This journey towards more slow living gave her a chance to grow her own business and to do even more of what she loves. She loves working with fashion and lifestyle brands to support the process of taking their brand to a next level. She’s a hands on creative thinker. 

“I love a strong product universe, no matter if it’s about kids, garments, objects, interior, or books. It’s this special synergy I believe you can find in all segments: refined aesthetics, sustainable consciousness,  and I’m a sucker for packaging, thoughtful product design, and a good personal story.”


Barbara, has a passion for nature, life, zen, beauty and pretty things, spotting trends and social media. She knows the ins and outs of social media and how to use it. 

Her favorite companion is Cacao, friendly, four paws and a Spanish joie de vivre. And most of the scenic catalogue is shot at her own ‘back yard’, a nature and water reserve outside Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Where she captures the beauty of four seasons. This is where she also comes to stay fit and zen because her personal story is a little less happy: in 2011 she was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease and has had 34 surgeries since then and counting. 

This changed her life 180 degrees. And also put things in another perspective. "When you don’t have your health, it’s all in the little things. The little smiles, a sparkle of sunlight, a nice smelling candle, the love of friends and family, a comfortable home, human connection, a pretty song, and being resilient."