Making Waves AW19/20 by Repose AMS

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Living in the Netherlands gives you a full season experience. We’ve got a real Winter, an uplifting Spring, a happy Summer and a cozy Fall. I love it! And when we receive images in our mailbox at the end of Summer of all the new AW collections it really gets me in the mood. Warm colors, cozy knits, it makes you ready for the new season. So now I can’t wait for fall to start! Totally ready for it, after seeing these beautiful images of Repose AMS. - Vivian

Repose AMS is an Amsterdam based brand who aims to create simple, timeless and at the same time modern and relaxed children’s clothing that are well made for kids age 2-14 years.

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“Where has the time gone since I started Repose AMS almost 5 years ago... a little anniversary is on its way to celebrate that. When I started with the brand I had no business plan, no idea what I was doing, but the main thing, a lot of love and passion for design, fabrics, colours and photography. During this period I have learned so much, and the most valuable lesson has been listening to my gut feeling and staying true to myself, as a young designer and business owner I received a lot of feedback which was very helpful but also overwhelming and at one stage last year during the design process this collection, I was wondering what am I doing?? Following my dream, but couldn’t fully enjoy it, as I was questioning myself. “ founder In-Yeo Couperus

“Making Waves is about that. I try to run my business in my own quiet way. The fashion industry works in a certain way and I am thinking about ways that I am comfortable with, step by step. Every few months you have to prove you’re still on top of your game, by being competitive and then there is the time pressure which can be overwhelming at stages, It can be very hard to create collections under time pressure and my own high expectations. I always aim for perfection, newness, and an honest process, but in reality things always go differently.” - founder In-Yeo Couperus

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About Repose AMS:

“We are an Amsterdam based kids wear label.

We seek for a sense of timeless repose in children’s wear.
Where comfort and design meet in a harmonious arrangement of colors, forms and textures.
Connecting the endless imagination of children with the aesthetics of modern parents in unique, lasting pieces.

It all started with search for the perfect knitted blanket in 2014 and has evolved in a brand, loved worldwide for kids 2-14 years

In the past year Repose Ams has grown into something more than a brand selling beautiful clothes or curating the perfect social media grid.
We are yearning for a deeper connection. A slower pace and a more inclusive world, in all its rawness.
Our collections tell a story. Of connection and hope.
Hope for the next generation.
Fueled by love and the longing for creating something beautiful, always.”

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