Vipp 530 table lamp news


“The coloured edition of the Vipp table lamp continues the new direction for Vipp, adding more texture and subtle tones into the home décor range. We deliberately chose a timeless and discrete colour scheme, to achieve a full setting where every Vipp item complements each other.” - Morten Bo Jensen, Vipp Chief Designer

As I indicated in my previous post, our mailbox was filled with news from the interior brands upon returning home after our vacation. With the most comprehensive product launch in 80 years (read mor here), Vipp has welcomed both new materials and colours into their universe. Moving towards more decorative and playful designs, Vipp has now relaunched the Vipp530 table lamp in four additional colours.

Last fall, this black powder-coated table lamp was added to the second series of Vipp lamps. Now it is back in an extensive colour range featuring four distinctively soothing colours from classic off-white and light grey to dark-toned burgundy and blue.


In reference to the newly launched furniture collection, the new design direction for Vipp points towards a desire to compose complete settings rather than stand-alone objects. Approaching the table lamp in a more contextual manner has inspired designer Morten Bo Jensen to put together a uniform, yet diverse scale of four complementing colours. -Elvera -