Come sneak into my studio


Come and have a look into my work studio. This is the place where I draw, collect and where I create our interior designs.  A few weeks ago we launched interior design by April and May. In addition to design, styling, production, writing and branding, we have expanded with interior design. We have designed interiors before but for us this feel like a good next step to give it more attention in our business.

I recently started working for April and May and am responsible for designing the interiors. The best thing about my job is that every client is different and that provides variety. We are flexible with regard to the wishes of the assignment and can help you with color advice or layouts but even help you to create a complete interior. The diversity of the assignments makes it challenging.


What I often notice when talking to customers is that they find it difficult to make choices. Nowadays there are so much choices which doesn’t make it any easier. Because of our broad knowledge when it comes to interior brands and materials it makes it easier to help the client. 

If you need help with your interior, feel free to contact me, I would love to have a coffee with you! - Aimée


Images by April and May