Late summer vibes with Skagerak


Summer has been good to us…being away from work and enjoying beautiful sunny days with family and friends. Now the holiday is over and we are getting back to our normal patterns again, but still enjoying some perfect late summer vibes after a work day with the last rays of sun and some nice temperatures outside before heading into fall.

Remember our first post about the Riviera Lounge by Skagerak? This is one of our favorite designs amongst other selected favourites from Skagerak like the Between the Lines Deck chair and the Mira lounge chair which we had the pleasure of playing around with whilst enjoying these late summer vibes. We created some idyllic images of the two chairs that evoked summer memories whilst enjoying a cup of tea or reading your favorite book or magazine.

“Owning a Skagerak piece is like having something for life that you can pass onto the next generation.” 


With its clean lines and timeless expression, the Between the Lines Deck chair is a modern yet classic piece designed by Stine Weigelt for Skagerak. It is the perfect pick for lounging during these late summer days, especially when paired with the Between the Lines Deck stool.

The Mira lounge chair - that you’ll find below - is designed by Mia Lagerman for Skagerak and the sleek and minimal design makes it both light and comfortable and thereby an ideal chair to move around. This also makes it is equally versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be paired with the Mira table and Mira armchairs for dining occasions or with the Overlap or Picnic series in more compact or casual settings


Styling and photography by April and May for Skagerak