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I have visited NYC twice and although it is been a while I still remember these trips very well as the city has so much to offer. New York is actually one of my favorite cities around the world and I hope to visit it again because there are so many more places and spots to explore - one being the OBJECTS showroom - as they represent some of my favorite Danish brands including Skagerak, and exploring Brooklyn is something I would love to experience. - Jantine

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The endless opportunities and pulse of the city are what originally attracted OBJECTS founder Camilla Vest to New York in 1995, when she moved from her native Denmark to launch an international modelling career. She has since turned her long time passion for furniture and design into her profession, and has been representing Danish brands in North America for the last 5 years where the demand for Scandinavian design continues to grow.

“Scandinavian culture, lifestyle and design have been exotic for many years, and in a time where there is a stronger emphasis on sustainable choices than ever before, the idea of investing in fewer, functional and well made products is more appealing than ever. This also goes for furniture, and we try to educate our clients by telling them that although the products may have a higher price point, they will have them for the rest of their lives. I bought my first Skagerak bench 20 years ago and it is more beautiful than ever”.

In addition to the durability of the products, Camilla holds the design philosophy that less is more, so by investing in fewer, well made pieces, each item will speak for itself and tell its own story. This mindset is clearly manifested in the OBJECTS showroom located in her private home - a lofty 1899 townhouse in the heart of Brooklyn with high ceilings and wall moldings furnished with modern furniture pieces alongside design classics.


“I love mixing pieces like my PK22 chairs with a Skagerak side table and a modern Italian lamp. I really believe in mixing materials and textures like wood and marble for example, that’s also why I’m very fond of the Skagerak Vent stool, the craftsmanship is amazing and the combination of steel and paper cord is so unique”.

In this way the OBJECTS showroom gives clients a very personal experience in dynamic setting: “OBJECTS is all about story telling and communicating our brands in a playful way. I am constantly inspired by exhibitions and ways of curating design. In this way our showroom is ever changing whilst always evoking a little Copenhagen feel”.

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Images by Sarah Elliott and Tyler Nevitt (Camilla Vest)



286 Lafayette Ave
2nd floor
Brooklyn, NY, USA 11238
917 826 1938