Office space interior by Kristina Dam Studio


Kristina Dam decorated an office space in the heart of Copenhagen. The goal was to make the workspace and office more like a homely and relaxed environment.

The space turned out to be an inspiring and clean workspace, for us the perfect combination. Feeling creative and inspired at your desk but also being able to have everything organized. - Vivian


About the office space:

This office space is located in a beautiful old property in the heart of Copenhagen. When you enter the office space you are met by a stunning mirror counter with a grey marble top - specially made for the decor. The mirror on the sides of the counter creates a visually larger space and at the same time serves as a room devider as it perfectly schields the open office workspaces from the office entrance.

The trend right now in interior design for office spaces is to make the workspace and office more like a homely and relaxed environment. Kristina Dam has chosen to use many different materials in order to solve this interior task. The interior is kept in quiet and monochromatic shades of gray combined with furniture and accessories in warm materials such as oak, brass and upholstered leather chairs. Flooring from Bolon was laid in a beautiful herringbone pattern (the floor is also sound-absorbing) which is reflected so beautifully in the mirror table. Kristina chose to use rather heavy curtains to separate the meeting rooms and create a little dynamic in the tone-in-tone interior.

Several custom-designed and custom-made solutions have been made for this office. For example the built-in shelving which is so elegantly recessed in the wall and the beautiful reception counter, whose mirror sides reflect the room. This office space echoes quality using simple, elegant and functional solutions. The decor reflects precisely the values that this particular property developer makes a great effort to implement in their buildings too.