Vipp gone soft

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“Following our furniture collection, the new range of textile accessories offers the opportunity to add an extra layer of tactility and individuality into the home décor.” – Morten Bo Jensen, Vipp Chief Designer

Pillows, blankets and rugs in various fabrics and colors. The Danish design company Vipp launches its first collection of ultra-soft and decorative textiles for the living room and bedroom.

Vipp continues its venture into the furniture and living category with a soft launch of new products. To complete the interior setting of the Vipp Hotel and support the upcoming launch of the Vipp sofas, the family owned company includes textiles to their product range.

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The Vipp wool blanket is a warm and ultra-soft addition for the living room or bedroom. This wool blanket is woven from all-natural wool and features a discreetly woven pattern.

The Vipp pillows come in different sizes, fabrics and colours. The removable wool pillow cover is woven from all-natural wool, featuring a discreetly woven pattern and concealed zipper. An inner cushion with filling of natural duck feathers is included. The crisp cover of the velour pillow is woven from durable upholstery fabric.

The combination of New Zealand wool and bamboo fibre give the Vipp rugs a long-lasting quality and soft feel. The Vipp rugs support the new Vipp Chimney and Vipp Loft sofa in creating a colourful and cosy living room environment.

see more of the collection at Vipp .dk

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