reform - frame by note design studio

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“The clean lines of Scandinavia meet a warm, nature-inspired aesthetic in an inviting kitchen that you want to touch, see and experience“

For me as well it really feels like a warm and timeless kitchen. The wooden frame can be combined with everything in the room. Definitley some great kitchen inspiration for a new dream kitchen - Giòia

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“There’s sustainability in beauty, and there’s sustainability in aesthetics. If you create a product that’s beautiful and durable enough, it will stand the test of time and become sustainable.” - Note Design Studio

Multidisciplinary and forward-thinking, the Stockholmers at Note Design Studio studio have a vibrant design portfolio to their name that ties together a diverse range of creative impulses. Their kitchen design is no exception; nature’s rich and varied color scheme is a strong influence in an oak-led solution that takes in multiple viewpoints from the studio’s 16 designers and architects, and makes them come together in sturdy panels and solid wood for the protection of your pots, pans and essential everyday items.

In FRAME, time-honored Scandinavian design meets Note’s renowned, contemporary creativity for an updated take on the classic kitchen that merges the clean lines of the north with a warm and tactile, human-centered approach. In simpler terms, FRAME by Note Design Studio puts people at the center, and it makes you want to reach out and touch wood.

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