The Post collection for Fredercia


Some designs I just want to touch. Sounds a bit strange right? I love beautiful materials and some you just need to feel, touch and sometimes even smell. So, during fairs or showroom visits, I tend to touch the furniture a lot. And looking at the images of the Post collection, the first thing in mind is that this chair, the wood, it looks so soft and comfortable. Also, the designs of Cecilie Manz have always been a favourite, so this is another great addition to the Fredericia collection. - Vivian


“One feels almost compelled to create something new for a company like Fredericia, with such a fine history and tradition for the utmost craftsmanship and quality. With the Post series, I have tried to create a design that is completely quiet but still with character using classic cylindrical legs. A good-sized table and a comfortable chair are the most essential pieces of furniture in your everyday life. Yet they are also the hardest virtues to achieve, as your eyes and your body quickly finds what doesn't work.”

- Cecilie Manz

For designer Cecilie Manz, creating is about examining the purpose of a piece of furniture. Stripping the concept down to only what’s necessary, the form emerges from the function in an expression that’s pure and purposeful.

It’s this simplicity with a sense of beauty that is at the core of the new Post Collection. The name is a nod to the former home of the Royal Mail, renovated into the Fredercia flagship showroom in Copenhagen

Clean, uncluttered lines are the signature traits of the Post Table and Post Chair, each boasting a solid wood frame that reflects our heritage of wood craftsmanship and appreciation for authentic materials.

The Post Chair is upright and unassuming, with clean, classic lines. The plywood seat and back are light yet sturdy, while the arms offer just enough support with a minimal use of space.

The perfect partner is the Post Table, featuring a long rectangular table top and matching cylindrical legs. Given the placement of the legs on either end, the result is loads of leg room.

The Post Collection reflects our shared passion for a clean, crisp, uncluttered aesthetic, where each piece involves beautifully crafted wood in proportions that naturally suit the human body.