Royal Mosa in Milan


Last week we visited the Salone del Milano fair with a part of the April and May team, which was so nice to be there together with our crew, sun shine and good food.

This week and the upcoming weeks we will share our favorite finds, new products, inspiring spaces and other news. ( check also our Instagram highlights - Mosa Masterly )

Today: Royal Mosa. They were part of the Masterly exhibition: the Dutch in Milano, where they created a space to share your reflections, inspired by Rembrandt. - Vivian


Titled Masterly – The Dutch in Milano Dutch designers, artisan producers and design agencies present themselves in the centre of Milan at the fascinating Palazzo Francesco Turati.

Here, Mosa presents pure ceramic tiles in a contemporary setting with a historic twist. This year the Dutch pavilion is all about Rembrandt, which inspires the Dutch for centuries. Mosa took the oppurtunity to use mirrors, because of all of the self-portraits of Rembrandt.

Mosa’s bespoke spatial installation Reflections is a key element in the perfect vehicle to explore how Rembrandt’s work in the Dutch Golden Age continually influences and inspires designers across the centuries, leading up to today’s talented generation of Dutch creatives.

Also, during Milan Design Week, the second edition of Mosa’s inspirational magazine ‘Notes’ will be launched. Mosa Notes Magazine is their way of keeping architects and designers up to date and to share their thoughts on innovations, sustainability, technology, art, design, and sometimes ceramics, cause hej, it’s Mosa.

Mosa wanted to motivate architects and designers to share their reflections, meaning their interpretation of the theme (Dutch design, Rembrandt, Milan, ...) and use the call to action ‘Share your reflections’ #MosaMasterly. Have you seen our reflections at Instagram?


Our trip was kindly sponsered by Royal Mosa.