Scrivette Desk by Plyroom - workspace inspo


We are dedicated to the pursuit of a simpler way of living. 
We believe in considered choices and a move away from fast consumption.
We believe in saving for something special.
We believe in slowing down.
We believe in keeping things simple 
- Elise Heslop Plyroom founder -

Two weeks ago we received a new product alert about Plyroom's newest piece, a minimal workstation: The Scrivette desk. The generous size of this desk makes it perfect for offices and its beautiful simple design appealed immediately to us.

Plyroom was conceived in a small town in Italy. Their early days began with the basics, furniture pieces that fit this notion of simplicity and quality. Based in Melbourne whilst working with talented designers in Italy, their collection drew inspiration from the need to simplify. They seek to create a small but considered range of beautifully designed, consciously made products. From flexible furniture that can adapt to changing needs to beautiful accessories that provide pleasure in simple rituals.

Scrivette is a work desk which has been created to be even more functional: cables will be neatly hidden through the top of the desk. Opening the desk top reveals ample space to store documents, laptop, objects, photos, all that we need or simply desire to be productive. The wooden pivot hinge underneath is a beautiful detail element as a nod to artisan craftsmanship.  The raised back surface enables you to lay down open books and continue reading while working.

In times where we work more flexibly and therefore also more from our own homes, this desk is a beautiful addition for our personal workspace,  dont you think so? -Elvera-