the Japanese garden philosophy


With the beautiful blossoms we can see slowly coming out and blooming, I'm looking forward to get started in our garden and tidy everything up.  This weekend I´ve been strolling around the internet for inspiration and I´ve  noticed that the gardening season is slowly starting especially with the nice weather forecast for the coming days.

Some of this year's new outdoor furniture lends its style and inspiration from the Japanese garden philosophy, where simple lines and natural greenery give peace and relaxation to the framed outdoor space, a place for restful recovery.  This style appealed enormously to me when I saw the images at Ikea Livet hemma.


“The stylish garden table Hattholmen in eucalyptus wood with ribs and rounded corners lands beautifully in all kinds of outdoor spaces. The ribbed garden sofa Betsholmen encloses you and provides comfortable back support and my personal favorite - the Stackholmen outdoor stool, designed Ola Wihlborg, -  is made of durable acacia wood and has soft, harmonious shapes with a comfortable braided seat. The stool is easy to move around and perfect where you need an extra seat for a comfortable rest outdoor but also indoor and I really like its beautiful trendy design!

Have you already come up with plans to set up your garden for the coming season? You can find more outdoor ideas at Livet hemma here - Elvera -

Styling - Anna Lenskog Belfrage photos - Kristofer Jonsson

Styling - Anna Lenskog Belfrage photos - Kristofer Jonsson