The Wild Hotel


To keep you in the mood with great summer holiday vibes, we want to share this beautiful stay in Mykonos: The Wild Hotel by Interni- let’s dream away on this windy grey Tuesday…


The best thing about the Wild hotel is its location.
Situated on a tip of the island which remains raw and pure, the Wild looks over a tiny
beach – front village once named by the locals ‘the wild ones’ as it was for years inhabited by the fiercest and bravest fishermen of Mykonos. Now, a tranquil, picturesque port that brings to light how Mykonos used to look like. Simple, raw, beautiful and wild.

When the Wild hotel was still in sketching, the owners were sure about one thing : the hotel’s taverna. A traditional Greek restaurant that will cater the most delicious dishes that the Cycladic islands have to offer. The true moussaka, the fresh fish, the vine leaves, the stuffed tomatoes, the pure olive oil, all the ingredients and goodness that us greeks are known and proud for. Greek cuisine at its best, with biological, local produce. Again, wild, beautiful, true.


A little side note; the beautiful coffee table is from the Dutch brand QLIV and we think it is so great to see this brand grow - great job guys!