Raami – a new dining collection by Jasper Morrison


Last week we were invited to attend the press launch of the Raami collection in Stockholm. ( You can find shots of my trip in my Instagram highlights. ) What I loved about the essence of the presentation, is that this new dining collection can be in your home for life. It’s a timeless design. It can be mixed with other dining ware, it’s simple, it does not stand out, but it suitable for every occasion, and in a world where is just too much of everything, this is something that we need. Design and products that last. This is something that is on my mind a lot lately and I notice that it kind of makes me angry or irritated that we just buy a lot of crap ( I won’t say that I didn’t do this as well ) so for 2019 we decided to not buy any crap anymore. We are emptying our home and being aware of the products that return. Their either of good quality and timeless or they are second hand. So this Raami collection and the story behind it very much inspires me to continue this new habit. I know it’s kind of a trend, but I really hope we can keep up with this. Are you with me? - Vivian

“Making good atmosphere is a human instinct which plays a part in improving the quality of our everyday lives.” says Morrison.

Raami is the new dining collection designed by Jasper Morrison, launched in the beginning of 2019 for Iittala. Raami – Finnish for ‘frame’ – gives space for the shared, lasting moments. The carefully composed pieces of the collection work together to promote a good atmosphere around the table, from the morning to the evening. Each item in the Raami collection is an individual; perfect on its own, yet a meaningful part of the entity. Like a family, or a group of friends, each member brings their own characteristics to the table.

Raami is a collection meticulously designed down to the smallest detail and honed down to the essential. The feeling of Raami is familiar, something you've known throughout your life. When taking a closer look, its fine characteristics come out. When designing Raami, Jasper Morrison considered the role that objects have in creating an atmosphere. A good atmosphere at the table frames the moment and promotes our enjoyment of the food and the company of the people around us. The result of the design process is Raami, our new dining collection that inspires better living.

As our lives get busier, we seek balance and versatility; objects to be loved and used day in and day out, essentials that last from decade to decade and simplicity that has the power to improve our daily lives. Rather than concentrating on the material things, we celebrate the gatherings, the conversations and the relationships. We stand for progressive Nordic living. Always striving for balance and better ways of living; refining the ways we coexist with each other and our surroundings. We encourage you to inspire better living.

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You can find the entire Raami collection at Iittala.com