Muuto fall news


With Muuto’s fall news they are introducing their first grand lounge chair by Anderssen & Voll. And, with my backround in design, I always have had a thing with big, comfortable lounge chairs, so when writing this, I will also put on my to-do list to write a post about my all time favorite lounge chair. With that being said, I will definitely add this one - Vivian

As the first grand lounge chair by Muuto, the Doze Lounge Chair arose from a desire to create a design with a modern expression, referencing the ideas of Scandinavian design with hints of 1970’s design for a contemporary perspective on the archetypical lounge chair. Designed by long-time Muuto collaborators Anderssen & Voll, the design has a contemporary expression through the vibrant lines and folds of its large back and armrests, giving personality to the design alongside added comfort and shelter for its user.

They also introduced a new vase and this one is also so elegant! Handmade in terracotta, the vase presents a new way to hold flowers through its sculptural expression along with an artful character when not in use.

“With its vertical lines and unique shape, inspired by a doorway in Paris, the Ridge Vase presents a new way to place flowers through a modern expression along with a sculptural character when not in use.” — Studio Kaksikko

Their new Strand Pendant also caught my eye: Being the first-ever design by renown British designer Benjamin Hubert for Muuto, the Strand Pendant Lamp is designed with soft, playful forms for a modern expression. Made from a sprayed cocoon material with a cloud-like appearance, tightly clinging to a spinning steel frame, the design’s silhouette presents a complex, intriguing structure and a new perspective on the traditional pendant lamp.

With its see-through expression, the cocoon material allows for the Strand Pendant Lamp to filter light through for a warm, comfortable glow with its tiny strands shrouding the light source, while simultaneously acting as its diffuser. The wire structure of the pendant’s frame becomes even more visible when the light source is on, enhancing the graphic expression of the design.

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