Artek office Helsinki


We start the new year with an inspiring office, which we visited last year in Helsinki: the Artek office. You want to move and apply to a job straight away, am I right?

I love how they used all kind of solutions to keep their office clean and tidy but also workable. The curtains really do the trick and the use of colors is amazing.

Artek Oy has moved its headquarters to new premises in central Helsinki. Situated in an elegant 19th century building, the new space is just a few minutes' walk from the Artek Store. It was conceived as a working showroom where architects and dealers can bring clients to experience Artek and Vitra furniture. Inside, interior architect Sevil Peach has designed an open environment that inspires a new way of working.


Spread across 470 square metres, the new space puts people first. In the current digitalised age, explains Peach, “nothing beats face-to-face encounters…. important is how people behave in these spaces.”

Conceived in that spirit, the new headquarters empowers users to work in various ways depending on their individual tasks and needs, flexible and human-centred.


Altough, we don’t all work in such an amazing office, we hope to inspire you, to keep your workspace tidy, clean and structural, it works so much better! Wishing you all a productive new year!