Reveal by Northern


I have this things with lights :) And although we still haven’t find the perfect light for our diningroom, or we might did since we have a pretty light from the second hand shop that works fine, I can’t help it to be always on the lookout for beautiful pendants. The Reveal by Northern Lighting I find absolutely stunning! - Vivian

Reveal’s smooth curves and unembellished surfaces are hallmarks of Scandinavian design, and they connect to glassblowing traditions around the world. They have enlisted master craftsmen to transform molten glass into perfect, hollow spheres, making each one of Reveal’s shades unique. The designer, Silje Nesdal, fused contemporary style and traditional craftsmanship, while also finding expression for elegance and simplicity. The light was pared down to the essentials to create a new relationship between structure, shade and light source. The shade is held in place by the LED light tube inside it, which is poised in a vertical position to hold it securely overhead. Reveal’s subtle tones reflect the pale colours of the Nordic dawn and the shimmering light found at the Norwegian coast. - more at Northern