The Japanese collection - Kristina Dam


Another new collection to share, the SS19 collection by Kristina Dam called The Japanese collection consisting their new kitchenware series, Setomono. The Setomono Collection is stackable and the crockery consists of plates, bowls, cups.

Also, they come with the Japanese Wood Board, where creative and thoughtful plating and presentation enhances both the look and taste of your food. Use the elevated wooden board to serve tapas or small dishes for your guests.


Whether you use it in your kitchen or bathroom, it gives a immediate calmth don’t you think? Just what I need.. So these images inspire me very much to take it slow and be aware of my steps and the thing I do, not rushing but taking time to make a proper cup of coffee or tea and to enjoy it. Do you also feel like you’re rushing all day? - Vivian


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