Personal: Let's play!


Here a little announcement since I want to start writing a bit more about the things I find important raising our little girl. You’ll be fining this on our KIDS page from now on.

Our winter isn’t that cold at the moment, so for us it’s important to go outside every day, we walk our dog, we feed the chickens.. But when it’s raining, I rather stay inside with my 1 year old. I’m pretty sure we won’t melt because of the rain, but I guess I feel she’s just to little. So we are playing inside. Together, something I think is very important and fun! Especially when I notice she is going to make jokes with me by hiding or tickling.

One thing she loves is to climb. Something that’s not very good for my nerves, but I know it’s good for her development and stimulation of motor skills. - Vivian


Development and stimulation of children's motor skills are the core competencies of by KlipKlap. The KK 3 Fold is the backbone of the entire Kids Collection. Originally developed as a playmat for stimulating children’s motor skills, it eventually turned out to accommodate many more functions. With three foldable layers, the KK 3 fold is the ideal piece of furniture for the entire family and even doubles as guest bed.

KK 3 Fold Single is their take on the classic and well-known foldable mattress. The three layers transform effortlessly into a wide range of forms that encourage to hours of play and quality time for the whole family.


Since we love to climb and play, we love the mattresses of byKlipKlap, it gives so much joy!

In case you need some play inspiration, you can watch the byKlipKlap video’s on YouTube and I love the read articles at Kiind.

This post in written in collaboration with byKlipKlap - this is my personal opinion, I just do what feels right and I am definitely not telling you what to do, I just hope to inspire you.