Peace in mind with LOOF


We’ve been working with Loof for quite some time now, and we are happy to show you their new story and mindset on sleeping. So a little introduction:

At Loof, their mission is to create the most peaceful and relaxed space for you: your bedroom. A place to find you calm, to take a step back and just breath.


According to Loof, the comfort of your bed is just as important as the looks. And since we spend a lot of time in our bed and bedroom, it seems fair to pay some extra attention to it. Keep it neat, give it a clean and calm look, you will sleep so much better..!

I personally love to make sure that our bedroom is always as neat as possible, I tidy our bedroom every morning, which give me such a great feeling!


At Loof they search for simplicity. Keeping it simple and minimal in your bedroom. Do you need all that stuff? It’s a movement we see a lot right now, which fits Loof perfectly.

Their wooden bed frames breath the same atmosphere, the designs are simple, bright and elegant. Inspired by the Japanese way of life and the Scandinavian simplicity, which complements our Dutch life style very well.

You’ll find the complete collection of their wooden bed frames here.

Photography by Marieke Verdenius - styling by Noortje de Keijzer.