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What's more important then to spend your time around the table with your friends and family? When we started talking to the architect of our home the first and most important note was to have a large kitchen with enough space to have friends over for a gathering, a coffee or a small party. Our table has place for 10 people and we've used it many times already, it creates a very welcoming feeling to the room and it really gives the room feeling of space  - Vivian.

Also want to create a large dining area? At bulthaup they have created a communication collection with the most beautiful ( and large ) tables. 

At the heart of any kitchen is the table. It is the focal point of your living space, a venue for comedy and tragedy. People spend valuable time with their loved ones, enjoying food and drinks and, most importantly, each other. bulthaup offers furniture that invites people to spend precious moments together.


The bulthaup c2 table looks like a sculpture in the room. A precise finish and traditional craftsmanship guarantee a seamless transition from the laminate surface to the edge. The table appears as though it was made from a single mold. 


The bulthaup c3 table offers the perfect invitation to relax and enjoy. Thin materials and an accentuation of the horizontal lines are characteristic of this table and highlight its lightness. The c3 table is available in various types of woods, such as walnut, oak, or cherry. 

As a complement to the c3 table, a bench is available in two versions: Floor-standing or floating. The latter is simply fixed to the multi-functional wall's carrier frame.