Into the sea with RAFA Kids


Living in North-Holland gives us the privilege of being within 20 minutes at the beach, so our summer contains loads of beach days. And if that isn't enough, we love to add that beachy feel to a kidsroom. 


At Rafa-kids they are also crazy about the sea with the warm sand, waves, and wind.

Rafa Kids has started the styling of this room with a wallpaper. Blue in its unbelievably rich shades gave the tone to the whole. Then they have played around with the F&A bed set in dark chocolate. Have a look at how many options you have to arrange the furniture even in a small room.

You can set the beds together: A teen bed under the F bunk bed or put them in different corners of the room. We all know that beds are such large items, but actually if set well can be a playful element in a children’s room. The dark tones give the relaxed and modern feel to the room, and small cuddles have ensured good fun all around!


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