Cherished by Boriana now available


To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of April and May,  Boriana created "Cherished",  a beautiful abstract portrait that is now available as a special editition in our shop!  This amazing fine art print is all about the unconditional love of mother and child.

You can find it in the ART AND PAPER  section in our shop.

Boriana is a Bulgarian artist and she lives with her family in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her professional ground is figurative painting with a focus on human image which she finds utterly inspiring and expressive. "I’m fond of exploring human individuality and I love to discover the amazing nature of how people link and cooperate with each other." Boriana has a master's degree in painting at the National Art Academy in Sofia and she believes that she´s privileged to be an artist. "I am in possession of vast freedom to allow me to be true to my own emotions, to lay out how I feel about the outer world."