A Wabi-Sabi welcome


So, I have this thing with books. Always have. Although being a mom of two nowadays does not mean necessarily I have, or let’s admit, make enough time to read as much as I would want to. I also know and learned that’s work in progress and finished the 'A Wabi-Sabi welcome' book easily within a few days due to this.

Learning to embrace the

Imperfect and entertain with

Thoughtfulness and ease

It says on the book cover. Julie Pointer Adams also has an insatiable appetite for books and words, inspiring her love of writing today. Her love for words and the visual is grounded in a deep sensitivity to her environment and surroundings. This, and her interest in bringing people together as often, and as meaningfully, as possible, led her towards making this book. Past work of Julie includes the creation of Kinfolk Magazine’s international dinner and event series, as well as other roles for the magazine including writer, stylist, and producer.


No wonder this book title went straight to my wish list when it came by. The refined aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi Welcome are just so beautiful and thoughtfully designed, special naked sewn binding, a structured cover design with debossed title and I’m a huge fan of the vibe the pictures have, made by Julie and her husband. I so love this kind of thoughtful product design!

wabi sabi 1.png

In her introduction, Julie wrote “I wrote this book for anyone hungry to share his or her home and life in a simpler, less perfection – seeking way. Regrettably, I’ve found that the easier it is to connect through devices, the less and less aware we are of the importance of being connected to the people right around us, and the more intimidated we are by how polished everyone else’s lives look.” Point taken, interested.

The term Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept that honors the beauty of natural imperfection and a life of chosen simplicity. Throughout the book, you’ll learn a little bit more about this and get examples how welcoming people into our homes can be more relaxed, more fulfilling. The book starts with some basic principles, I personally loved this ‘Where to begin’ chapter, it has some great reminders. And continues with five chapters, each marks a different place where the author encountered the wabi-sabi spirit: Japan, Denmark, California, France and Italy and is filled with stories, lovely recipes, table setting tips, and a practical matters page.


Although I also tend to be the perfection seeking one from time to time, I manage to let things go much easier than before. Not due to the book persee (it was a longer process, trust me...) but it sure gave me more tools, fun and consciousness for hosting at home. And so I did shortly after finishing this one, the California edition, using the All – Season Tacos recipes, celebrating a friend returning from LA for the summer, it was a memorable one! - Marissa

Images: 1 - 2 - 3 via Julie Pointer Adams  4 - 5 by Marissa