BRUS - Copenhagen


Everytime we visit Copenhagen, as you can read in our Copenhagen travel tips post Jantine wrote a couple of weeks ago, we try to find a different place to eat or have a coffee. We recently came across BRUS, so next time we already have a new place on our list to visit. 

BRUS is a brewery, bar, bottleshop and restaurant in Nørrebro, where To Øl originally started their brewing adventures. A so-called brewpub, where the brew travel less than 20 meter from tanks to glass offering the arguably most fresh brew on the bridge!


In an old iron foundry and locomotive factory in Copenhagen, BRUS made the engines start running again. Brand new brewing facilities, specialty products, bar buzz and a kitchen team led by former Michelin starred chef Christian Gadient is breathing new life into the old warehouse; a 750m2 raw building with activities ranging from brewing, kegging, cooking, shopping, dining and drinking. It all comes together in a sum of quality, science, experiments and functionality to create a playful venue for beer-lovers, microbrewers and hungry souls who fancy some socializing city life.

The Danish name ‘BRUS’ refers to the sparkling quality liquid obtains when carbonated; the frizzy feeling of great brew. With production on-location, BRUS aims to be Copenhagen’s most ambitious microbrew projects to date.


Here you’re able to grab a quick bite before going to the cinema next door, but you can also stay seated for a full meal and when you recon it’s time to go home or slip by the shop for some bottle-shopping. 

The chairs that have been used in the bar and restaurant are from Fredericia, which immediately caught our attention. So we're pretty sure you'll have a comfortable evening sitting at BRUS.


Mogensen J39 Chair- Børge Mogensen

J39, Mogensen’s famous wooden chair with the hand-woven paper cord seat was designed in 1947. The simplicity and versatility earned it the nickname ‘The People’s Chair’.
















Søborg Wood base- Børge Mogensen

Mogensen presented the prototype for the Søborg chair in 1950. His intention was to fuse plywood shells with his signature solid wood functionalism. The generous back and seat with optional upholstery provides for many hours of use.


Brus - Guldbergsgade 29F, 2200 København