Fermob outdoor furniture


Around 10 years ago, I met the beautiful Fermob chairs in Jardin du Luxembourg, a must visit when in Paris, where we immediately fell in love with these pretty chairs.

Years later I kind of spotted them everywhere and now there collection is grown with benches, rocking chairs, lounge chair and many more. - Vivian 


But besides the Luxembourg collection, they also have some beautiful other collections, like the modern Bellevie and Suprising series, the nostalgic Banquet series and the classic Bistro series, which I all can appreciate, depending of the type of garden you have. 


Fermob, the French manufacturer of this beautiful outdoor furniture and accessories brand, creates innovative, clever, practical and fun garden furniture. Fermob’s furniture collection ranges from traditional metal garden furniture to poolside lounge sets. But the brand also offers collections of decorative accessories for the home, including cushions, mats, planters and trivets.

One of the great benefits of the Fermob furniture, is that they are made of aluminium and because of that, you can leave them in your garden the entire year. Their furniture is is available in an endless amount of colors, so you can either go safe with a dark grey or choose for a more outstanding color like the orange ones in the image above. 

The above collections are all available at Flinders.be