Mouse chair by NOFRED


With our home slowly turning into a kids paradise ( my husband already build a treehouse and she's only 9 months.. where does this go?! ) I'm always very relieved when there is kids furniture that looks good in our home but which is also still fun for kids, 'cause that's what it is has to be. But in my opinion it doesn't always have to be yellow or red ;) 

We used the Mouse chair and table from NOFRED in Jantine her living room, where they blend in perfectly! With this set, available in oak, white and grey, you will turn your living room into a subtle but fun kids environment. - Vivian - 



'A child’s world is a curious place, where dreams, creativity and questions swirl – a place where a kids’ chair isn’t just something to sit on, it’s something that looks like a mouse! The Nofred Mouse Chair is a small stool for big imaginations – a spot for pondering, pottering and playing.

As an example of iconic Danish design furniture for children, the Mouse Chair has been created both to delight its miniature users, and to look good in the wider home. It can be pulled up to the Mouse Table, and sits comfortably with the other kids furniture in the Mouse range.' - NOFRED


Visit their website to find our more about NOFRED. The Mouse chair collection is available in our store here.

Styling and photography by April and May.