Tableau - A sculptural table collection


Fredericia presents Tableau – an exciting new collection of sculptural coffee tables designed by Space Copenhagen.

Tableau celebrates the beauty of natural wood and the skilled craft required to work it. Featuring a circular or rectangular solid oak top on a matching x-shaped base, the pairing of materials creates an understated and organic silhouette, allowing the table to blend effortlessly into any setting or room. 

SC_1742_v1_high_low_light grey oak stained.jpg
SC_1741_v1_grey oak stained.jpg

“With its pure, sculptural shape and beautiful materials, the Tableau collection is designed to infuse any interior with a sense of calmness.” – Space Copenhagen

In this versatile collection of shape and colour, the tables can be combined to complement each other or stand alone. Tableau is also available in two heights making it possible to nest the tables for larger gatherings. 

Tableau is light enough to serve a wide variety of purposes, and with the smooth lines and comfortable contours, the coffee table is a delightful addition to any social setting, wherever standing in a luxurious hotel lobby or nestled in a home's living room. 

The Tableau coffee tables are available from September 2018.