Playmats ByAlex


Playmats are part of the interior. Whether in the nursery, the kidsroom or in the living room. 

ByAlex made every possible effort to ensure the safety and durability of the materials. The fabrics all have an Oeko-Tex 100 certificate and are therefore very friendly and comfortable for the child's skin. The covers are easy to clean. The fabrics with a print are made of 100% cotton, detachable and washable. The plain fabrics are made of soft velvet have an unique molecular filter through the fabric. That makes it super easy to clean with only water and a clean cloth. The mattress padding consists of the best quality cold foam. This filling is eco-friendly, made of pure materials and no harmful substances are released during production. ByAlex consciously choose this top quality: the material offers resilience and lasts for 10 years. Most important; children can play safely here. 

Kids Interior - ByAlex-10_preview.jpeg

Being on the hard and cold ground is no fun.

In addition, it was essential for to make a playmat with enough grip for the smallest to stimulate their motoral  development. A fluffy cloth looks great to dive in to, but does not stimulate babies in their skills. Also a toddler does not stay more than 1 minute at the same place. A playmat that does not hamper his movements is a joy for him. And of course we do not want to forget the parent. Being on the hard and cold ground is no fun, right?

Find the playmats here.