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After spending some nice days off with my family and enjoying a cosy Easter with my sister and her family I realised that I havent shared some of the latest changes in my livingroom. 

When you have been following me you´ll know that my livingroom is one of the most redecorated rooms in our home,  I just love it when it all comes together just by changing a few details... Mixing and matching with different accessories is such fun! 

In my opinion the decorative wire series of Danish design brand Menu is just
perfect for this occasion... I already knew the wire base could be combined with
the flowerpot (I even used it as a standard for our Christmas tree) and turned into a stand for the Disc Oil lamp but a little while ago I discovered the latest addition of the Wire series!

Because we do not have a very large living room, we decided not to take a coffee table so instead of this I'm always looking for small tables. I admit; I have this "thing" for nice stylish sidetables (already have a few of them) and I'm always changing and rearranging them around the house...  So yes, when I discoverd the new Menu Wire table top at online departmentstore fonQ  it really made me smile!


The tabletop is made of Marquina marble (available in black and white) , a particularly beautiful natural product and its such a nice fact that every piece of marble is unique! All the wire series products can be used both indoors and outdoors, that makes it extra special!


The inspiration for this charming and decorative wirevseries came while Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen (Norm Architects) were visiting a Japanese-inspired garden in L.A. The garden had custom-made standing and hanging displays with flowers and light. Together with Japanese trees and small fountains it transformed the garden into a beautiful new kind of Art Deco style.


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