Wooden walls – Scandinavian Living


Have you already seen the newest edition of the Dutch Scandinavian Living by BoBedre? Again we were able to contribute by creating a beautiful production, this time we got to travel al the way to beautiful Leeuwarden - Friesland which is in the top of Holland.

I kind of have a crush on Friesland, in Friesland everything is a bit more relaxed, logical and friendlier and definitely more freely. They do just about everything more or less the same as the rest of the Netherlands, but all the little ‘just a bit differents’ combine to make Friesland completely different. It is difficult for the rest of the Netherlands to define but they simply do things their own way. We felt this immediately when we entered the home of Arjen and Jenny, who gave us a warm welcome with coffee, tea and typical Fries sugarbread.

The home of Arjen and Jenny is designed by their son Henri, who is the owner of Border Architecture. When creating his parents home, their only note for him was to make it a one level home and with that in mind he used nature and daylight to create a beautiful interior which you can change by moving the wooden walls, that became a divider between the rooms with the kitchen as a centerpiece. It turned out to be a home where you can create a place for yourself and at the same time open it up when you want to have more contact with each other.

Curious to see more? Get your issue now and get inspired :)  We will be showing a Dutch home, with a Scandinavian twist, in every issue. Such a great way to share our love for amazing interiors with you – Vivian.


Photography Sjoerd Eickmans | Styling April and May